Interactive Videoconference Classrooms

We offer classes via interactive videoconferencing for educational institutions, homeschool, after school enrichment programs and other smaller or independent learning groups. Students in any location are connected to qualified teachers by point-to-point video conferences via the Internet, allowing for effective, engaging, and real-time interactions between excellent Arabic language teachers and Arabic language students. 

Teacher on the screen!

Students today are already enamored by any kind of visual media—TV, computers, and video games. While teachers and parents usually struggle to limit “screen time,” students can also effectively use interactive computer technology for learning instead of just playing. For example, educational computer games have been proven to help students who previously found it hard to focus on, and learn from, a traditional lecture-style classroom experience.

Technology can be used to add a "cool" factor to classes. A teacher who instructs from a large screen (or television for homeschool groups) can successfully engage students who already enjoy using interactive media components. Introducing new technology, like the on-screen instructor, into a traditional classroom (or group) setting is a fresh, exciting way to engage those with saturated attention spans into a dynamic learning experience.

A Critical Language Service video conference teacher teaches from the Middle East or North Africa and is therefore immersed in the culture of the language he or she is teaching. Teachers bring that unique, in-depth knowledge and perspective into the classroom. Students have the opportunity to discover local traditions and colloquialisms, as well as access to aspects of language learning tools that are usually only available through immersive study-abroad programs. Now, they have access to a whole new world—from the comfort of their own classroom.

Critical Language Service has combined interactive video conferencing with a blended learning curriculum to provide an ideal, immersive learning experience that is an essential part of an effective language program.  

Teaching and Learning with Interactive Videoconferences

Our interactive videoconference classes maintain the atmosphere of the traditional classroom—except the teacher is present on a screen instead of in the room. Completely visible from the waist up, the teacher also has a white board behind him or her for a fully engaging lesson experience. The students, in turn, are able to completely view the teacher’s gestures, mannerism, and written examples. Both parties can effectively interact verbally, but also non-verbally by observing each other’s physical cues. This promotes communication and understanding on multiple levels. Students feel they are able to learn better thanks to  having peers to study with inside and outside of the classroom and also enjoy the ability to spontaneously interact with each other.  Interactive video conferencing is a future model of education that is being embraced with increasing frequency by cutting-edge schools and top-ranked universities globally.


Benefits of IVC:

  • Convenient instruction via Skype, Zoom and VC systems
  • Connect with subject matter experts regardless of location
  • Interactive, effective, and fun
  • Affordable, highly-qualified, compassionate instructors
  • Scalable, tech-savvy curriculum delivery
  • Forges global connections without traveling